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>> cell phone addiction and the that comes with it. first, a racially charged video the two police officers in trouble. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc news at 11, on your side. >> the video is disparaging not only to this profession, but to that we serve. >> a racially charged video to that action and a of two police officers and prince george's county. content of the video is disturbing. it is particularly disturbing to african-americans. richard is live outside police .eadquarters >> the video has been out there.
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has been fostered -- posted on youtube since november 1. involves to african-american prince george's county police officers and an african-american .an playing a driver those two police officers are in trouble. traffic stopicts a spread police chief of scene and laced with racial epitaphs. >> the video included two prince county police officers the internet.n >> in involves an african- driving with music blaring. two officers in uniform pull up behind. as the music is turned down, the and approach and make threats. >> there is demeaning language,
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slurs, crude stereotypes. >> the episode is like a tv show turned upside down. criminals go in the car and catch them, fine. i do not think they should've done it. >> the video appeared to be as officers.two but most do not find it funny. >> you already have problems. >> authorities believe the were asked to be in the video by the man playing the driver. be heldshould accountable for their actions. >> we have learned that internal affairs learned about the video this morning. reviewed it and they asked youtube to pull the video. the two officers have been among the department for three years and 10 years. they are now suspended with pay.
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is a hearing next week. the chief wants them fired. >> thank you. another story that touches on sensitivities, this one line i'd.n an on- this has landed some controversy. the ad shows a pilgrim and showcasinghen drink specials. >> this will things start with the facebook posting. this bar is rethinking this party. it was on facebook where this started. a simple flier now getting a lot of attention. an indian" got in th
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her fuming. that, you know, s using ourson i culture as a mockery. >> the flour was riposted on a by owned at last check, the post had been shared more than 500 times. the assistant manager would not n camera, but he admitted the bar had been swamped with -- calls and e-mails. >> it was never meant to offend any ethnicity. >> i think it is time for native sayicans to speak up and things bother us. >> it is obviously offensive. you are -- you could lose men. amazing that this was
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posted 10 hours ago and now the has canceled the event. >> we're following some breaking news. has suffered ditka a minor stroke. the 73-year-old was the head coach of the chicago bears. buts expected to recover, appearing one television this weekend. a local teacher is facing charges tonight after sexuallyused of assaulting students way back in the 1960's. police arrested christopher kloman, charging him with sexual four of hislving
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students. detectives first learned of the from a former student who years of age. the sex scandal surrounding petraeus took a backseat to another important issue. congressional hearing deadly libyane bombing. the deadlyd that raid that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others was an act of terrorism. petraeus told lawmakers that the consulate was so the attack -- the attackers literally walked in d set fire to the facility. white house congressional appeared optimistic meeting with t thedent obama abou cliff.s financial fiscal
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john boehner and nancy pelosi congress and the president can come together. the big issue remains, taxes. how to pay foron such a deal. >> i believe the framework i meetinglined at our consistent with the for a fair andl balanced approach. >> we understand our responsibility. it has to be about cuts, it has to be about revenue. be about growth. it has to be about the future. deal is not reached 1, automatic spending cuts and higher taxes for the board will go into effect. bob mcdonnell is asking the l government to help in of superstores sandy. fema to provide assistance in 25 virginia counties. the program reimburses state and
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would debrisents removal and other costs. also asked for federal assistance for suffered the most -- and extensive damage. of hours, the future of rush hour driving in northern is going to change with of hot plains. drivers will have to pay to use these planes. -- lanes. >> you can see by this sign entrance tot the still sayslanes closed. hours, it will be open. here is what people need to know. need to get onu it. pass.t add an ez there are not actual toll booths.
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we found several people tonight said they plan on doing that this weekend. >> when there is traffic, it is horrible. >> one of the many counting down hours. >> i have been looking forward using them this weekend. >> see what happens when he new hot lanes a test drive. it will let you blow by all that backed up traffic. they will not have groups, meaning he must have one of to avoid all of this. >> i do not know. a lot of people go be ung it. they're still doing a lot of construction. it is pretty bad, the traffic either way. signage should help with
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to get on and off. some drivers say our rush hour for $6, their time is not that valuable. >> $6 a trip, i think so. >> how do you get one of these? it is quite easy. you can go online to do it. you only need three things. a credit-'s license, plateumber, and a license number from your car. it makes it free if you have three people in your car. >> one of the nation's on a tiradegoes over twinkies. >> i am not answering questions on twinkies. >> he is just getting warmed up. saying hoursis
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after he learned that twinkies going out of business. >> they call it -- what some saying could be a cell phone addiction. the weekend and the week ahead? pretty quiet so far. the week ahead? pretty quiet so far.
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dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. hearing the 911 calls night the student was killed at bowie statem university. simpson said she was defense when she roommate and the agreed with her. the 911 calls were released today. alexis simpson and dominique r had a contentious relationship. simpson said she never
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to killer. was only trying to protect herself. waited on the of the hostess bakeries'. are the worst. this is a set up. i am not asking questions -- s aboutng question twinkies. >> they were on fire today. desserts of the iconic say they have to shut down of an ongoing labor dispute. the company is expected to auction off its assets. we all know someone who just to put the phone down. it can seem like an addiction.
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at least one california is offeringnter counseling. cops i feel naked if i did not -- >> i feel naked my phone.t have >> i always have my phone with me. >> do you sleep with your phone? >> is next to my pillow every night. >> by phone is always on. checking it for e-mail, facebook. most of us are at least dependent on our smart phone. 74% of people with panic over phone.a >> i definitely needed. the reason they think they
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the phone hass represent all their d family and the fun things they do. wereuld you say you addicted? >> probably. " some experts say this so- could be a real addiction. checking our than 34gnificantly more day, if that is g with your social relationships, it has become an issue. is becomingink it issue, commit to putting it amount of certain h she also recommend not using it places, likeiate bathroom, church, on a date, or at family dinners. for thecial recognition -- and women who helped
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bunyan hosted the awards. authors,d was given to business leaders, and athletes. >> we know somebody who has contributed to culture. i wonder who that could be. >> she was right at home. >> nothing that feels like the caribbean. what a wonderful night. i wanted to share this. that beautiful crescent man hanging over the sky. -- moon hanging over the sky. that is what causes us, allows
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be able to see part of the moon. here we are in washington, into the 50's. are high temperature today was 55 degrees. hagerstown, 53 degrees. bit closer to an average. skies -- by the way, if you are seeing the meteor showers, the best time is at 3:00. be joining you at the morning, but it is worth a look. nothing going on on radar around us. what is this dry pattern? there is an area of showers off florida coastline, but by large, it is dry. with this pattern, and -- lessly for the folks than 100,000 still without power
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york city. no big storm coming in, but the pattern we have, we will stay on the chilly side of things. earlier, it looked like there south,e storms to our be having safely out to sea. -- having safely out to sea. some showers down to the carolinas. clear skies and a lot of for the next few days. some thanksgivings, we have had some nasty storms. not this year. temperatures tomorrow will rise the 50's. time we get into tuesday, could be of little weather front, may be some scattered showers. , somethat, on wednesday those midwestern areas that
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been hit by storms, it will be really good travel. >> a lot of folks here will only concerned with travel to atlanta. >> the redskins and eagles. they have a tough stretch, too. they play the eagles on sunday. friday night high school action. some big games this evening. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c.,
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so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the it. safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. should beton redskins sunday's matchup against the philadelphia eagles. they really need this one. practice today. sunday,k will be huge is the eagles and things dallas -- an day, a dallas the cowboys. >> we will have a different kind of focus. you have to take care of your body. it is tough.
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that is when you rely on your coaches. >> =-redskins, 1:00 kickoff. -- eagles-redskins, 1:00 kickoff. interesting early season .atchup scoring.-- funder by nine. -- thunder by 9. with authority. a little baseball to talk about. the national's wait to hear if adam wants to come back. the national -- the nationals of with free agents.
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friday night high school football action. south county, playoff final game. county, secondh half, brown gets the ball. he rolls into the end zone for the score. the patriots go on cruise and storage 5 to gap. all the way into the touchdown make it 48-28. highlights, you tune into channel 8 at 11:30. i will be hosting high-school sports final. to mike he recently suffered eight minor stroke. make a fullo recovery.
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>> a programming note, you can montgomery county parade tomorrow morning on channel 8. that starts at 10:00. stay with
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>> next seven days, a few chances for showers. other than that, great weather. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back toto the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment
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